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One of the Faces of Illegal Immigration by outsidelogic One of the Faces of Illegal Immigration by outsidelogic
This woman came to the US from Mexico illegally in 1997, with her husband and young daughter. She’s had three children since she arrived, and is now a grandmother. She and her husband started a cleaning and moving company when they arrived, and have held various jobs since. Some years ago, she was convicted of a misdemeanor (falsifying...not stealing...a social security number). Under threat of deportation, she is currently receiving sanctuary at a church. She is technically a criminal, but exploiting a laxly-enforced law is something I suspect many of us are guilty of. Think underage drinking, or recreational drug use; at times the laws are not so strictly enforced and the legal consequences not so dire, and people take advantage. This woman came to the US 20 years ago to try and make a better and safer life for her family; she has paid taxes and is now the mother of three American citizens. Now we have a new president, and it’s suddenly a priority to separate her from her children and send her back to Mexico. I understand the need to tighten up the border. I understand the need to make it harder for employers to hire people who are in this country illegally. I don’t understand the need to break up this woman’s family.

Done with black ballpoint pen, Pentel brush pen, and white charcoal pencil, on toned paper.

Houkou-NRL Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017   Traditional Artist
The issue of immigration is one that doesn't have any singular right answer... Just many answers that solve different parts of the problem in different capacities.

Should there be a grandfather clause for people like this, who have already established themselves and are contributing fairly to the most critical functions to keeping the country running? I'd lean in favor of saying yes. But would something like that encourage more people to immigrate illegally? Maybe, but I'm tempted to believe that the impact would only be nominal.

But then again, I favor people's stability over bureaucracy and technicalities. To me, it is well beyond the point appropriate to worry about the immigration laws that were meant to apply in the first place. You cannot make equilibrium any more stable than it is by removing one element; nor make a system that is by nature unstable, any more so. The concern and scrutiny is much better spent on that which is still new and unproven, and on identifying elements that are actively causing problems.

Anyway, lovely work, as ever. Parts of her face feel a little awkwardly skewed, but the shading and highlights are spot-on.
outsidelogic Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, I like what you're saying.  It's almost like the law is so inappropriate to the current situation, that we need to trash that and come up with a solution that addresses the problems we actually have right now.

There's a rollicking discussion going on over on FB right now in reaction to this drawing. I chose this subject partially because she's not one of the easy ones; she actually has forged documents, and doesn't speak English very well after 20 years. She's not glamorous, and her kids aren't doing anything notable.

I also liked her face because it is sort of "skewed"

Jeanette-vizguerra-ref by outsidelogic
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